First MozLou gathering in Kentucky!

First Mozilla gathering in Louisville, Kentucky at Havana Rumba Cuban on May 02, 2012.

Today was the first lunch gathering of several Mozillians in Kentucky! I am really fortunate to be able to experience life in the South for the first time, and together with Curtis Koenig (on the left), met up with Stephen Horlander (on the right) at the Havana Rumba Cuban cafe in Louisville.

These few days have been great – after work was done during the day we headed to do stuff that one can barely think of in the urban areas, such as harvesting asparagus:

Harvesting asparagus on farmland!

It was great to see lots of farmland, horses, vast areas of greenery, and of course, bourbon, having hailed from urban areas all my life. First time to see asparagus growing in the soil (yeah, probably due to me only ever seeing them in grocery stores)…

The component to be attached to a John Deere combine harvester is huge..

… huge John Deere farming machines such as combine harvesters (things that I only got to read about, if I knew them at all) …

These are chicken and dumplings from Cracker Barrel.

… dumplings (noodles) from the South (the white sauce on the chicken and dumplings is very tasty) …

White Castle drive-in, they make sliders and are very popular locally.

… and of course sliders (they are greasy so they “slide”)!

Next up, hopefully I’ll get to head to Claudia Sanders Dinner House soon to visit the place where Colonel Harland Sanders (of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame) used to live in. And there’s the upcoming Kentucky Derby too!

(Pictures taken with a Nexus One)


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