NUS in Mozilla map of students around the world

Mark Surman has an interesting post over at his blog, where he maps the list of students working on Mozilla around the world. It’s amazing how Mozilla just started off in the education area not too long ago – and already encompasses ~14 schools worldwide now, from the North America to Europe, from Asia to Oceania. Kudos especially to humph for his great work linking up folks around the world.

National University of Singapore (NUS) has just finished CS3108 (Mozilla) a few weeks ago (the 4 folks being Yuen Hoe, Yaoquan, Hendrik and Tony), it will be taking a break over the next semester as I head overseas for an exchange program. I look forward to more students stepping into Mozilla development in the future.

Before I end here, I would especially like to mention that it really reaps returns and satisfaction of the highest quality, when students transform from someone totally lost to someone capable in their own right in the world of open source, within mere weeks, guided by folks around the world, with different timezones, different cultures.


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