A new blog – just for Education!

For those of you who (don’t) know me, I’m Gary Kwong, the regular maintainer of The Rumbling Edge. It’s still being maintained, though it no longer makes sense for me to post education-related posts in a Thunderbird blog. Thus, humph and shaver suggested to spin off one, and here it is!

I don’t have many education-only posts over there, but for those I’ve written, I’ll list them here, for the sake of continuity:

Mark Surman interview in Sept 08 – 09th November 2008

Teaching Open Source – 23rd October 2008

A bit about myself, I started off as a Thunderbird folk in 2003, doing stuff like installers, QA, Bugzilla, volunteer contributor, and more recently ended up as a Thunderbird intern, developer, IME champion, undergraduate at National University of Singapore taking BComp – Information Systems (and still is, 2.5 years to graduation at the time of writing!) and am now serving as a teaching assistant for CS3108 at NUS, a course on Mozilla. I am trilingual, fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin, and love to fly around different parts of the world meeting people from many different cultures and backgrounds. And yes, my IRC nickname is nth10sd (or 11, 12, …, 18, 19), and here’s the background story to go with it. Remember, bear with me at Whistler. 🙂

I love teaching whenever there are people willing to learn. So here goes “OSS Education – To Mozilla and beyond!” – partially inspired by Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, but also by the vast potential of education in the open source world, or the role of open source in the education industry.


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